Water is the most important substance humans need to survive, but what good is it if the cast iron pipes in your home are contaminating your water? Many people in Florida have to deal with this on a daily basis but no one should have to put up with unsafe drinking water coming out of their tap.

Many homes or commercial properties in Florida were built prior to 1975, and many of those structures feature degrading cast iron pipes. These pipes are notorious for failing prematurely, sometimes as early as 25 years after installation. A cast iron water main lasts an average of 50 years before breaking, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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What Causes the Failure of Cast Iron Pipes?

Cast iron pipes are susceptible to a variety of influences, particularly corrosion. Corrosion may occur if your pipes are exposed to:

Construction activities
Clay soil, organic growth, or other natural interference
Chemical spills, pesticides, or other leakages
Acidic sewage
Household products containing sulfuric acid or other corrosive chemicals

This list isn’t exhaustive, and while corrosion is one of the greatest influences on pipe degradation, it certainly isn’t the only one. Your pipes may fail for a variety of reasons, and we may be able to help you learn more.

What Do Defective Pipes Look Like?

There are several warning signs to pipe failure, including:
Loose, broken, raised, or water-stained floor tiles or grout
Roach infestations
Water-stained carpets, rugs, and mats
Warped wood flooring
Foul smells from sewer gases or sewage

These are just a few telltale ways to detect cast iron pipes failing. Bad pipes harm your home, its value, and the Florida aquifer. Each month, over 200 million gallons of raw sewage leaks into the water supply from residential homes. You can help put a stop to this, and fix your home.

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